Bic began her design and jewellery education at the University of NSW College of Fine Arts, where she completed bachelor of Design and Masters Design/honours degrees. Bic's background has always been in design and jewellery making which later lead to a masterclass workshop with the renowned German jeweller Otto Kunzli followed by an internship with Swiss born jeweller Sabine Pagan  of Pyrmont Object Studios. Her practice further developed through a residency with metal master Toru Kaneko in Tohoku, Japan. A pivotal moment came in the final year of Bic's undergraduate degree when she discovered by chance a book about East Asian lacquer. She was enthralled by the beauty and mystery of this esoteric medium, and the experience inspired a shift in her work and initiated a journey of discovery that continues to this day.

Bic's fascination with East Asian lacquer and her desire to recreate the characteristics of maki-e lead to the heart and origins of Asia's lacquering birthplaces. To further her knowledge, Bic first spent some time in Vietnam - where she created a body of works and authored dissertation titled 'Traditional Processes of Vietnamese Lacquer and Their Application to Contemporary Jewellery and Small Scale Body related Objects' coupled with an exhibition at the Kudos Gallery in 2006. Not long after the success of her exhibition, Bic was invited by Japanese lacquer master to take up a formal two year residency at the world-famous Kitamura Koubou Studios in Wajima Japan where she honed her skills and craft of this wondrous tradition. 

Alongside exploring the realm of the lustrous object, Bic maintains a parallel practice as a freelance commercial jewellery designer. Bic has over five years experience in jewellery designing and manufacturing. Working at the production scale, utilising computer-aided design and large-scale production methods to facilitate the commercial jewellery world. Known for her attention to detail, Bic renders meticulous designs in 1:1 scale using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to articulate designs ready for production.  

Bic continues to work on her craft and gives talks at various international design conferences. Her continued research often extends to projects, exhibitions and print publications. Bic is currently working on a new range of studio production jewellery and some of these can be found in her online shop.