Jewellery & Objects

My Background is in contemporary art jewellery and object design, working primarily with metals and now with lacquer. My interest falls in the transition between materiality, technology and traditional craft skills for new translations in the appearance of surfaces and textural responses. In my work I often explore a historical aspect of floral theme in a modern interpretation. In this I refer to the application and influence of digital technology to complement traditional techniques in the design and making process. 


Design & Research

I create jewellery, objects and things as carriers of a history of ideas. My appreciation for jewellery comes from its associations with history and body adornment and in particular their connections with the body, hand and the mind. Japanese lacquer and Maki-e has been influential to the development of the jewellery and objects formed in my practice. The application of lacquer in my studio practice has intrigued my further pursuit of both the hand skills development and material diligence.


Japanese Lacquer

Japanese lacquer and Maki-e is a multifaceted craft. It uses specialised tools, materials and techniques of which when applied achieve varying visual results and dimensions. It is an extraordinary technology that is attractive due to its lustrous metallic and subtle sculptural surface design essentially formed from the sprinkling of gold and silver granules. It is this engagement with the art of the brush to translate as a surface ornamentation in the design and making of jewellery and objects that continues to challenge me.